We invest in and support game studios for the future

About Mind Detonator

Mind Detonator is a game catalyst that operates outside of the major cities. It is an initiative to complement the gaming industry as it is today, to broaden it and share the opportunities this industry has to offer in smaller towns where there are high chances for a great quality of life and low overhead costs. This provides an opportunity for a very focused game production at an early stage.

The office space is set up for you to get started right away. At Mind Detonator you also have the support from our site manager, game producer, economist, game designer and a community manager as well as other teams in the same position as you.

Our Offer

Mind Detonator is a physical community where game developers get to spend a full year in a peaceful environment. You will get aid and support from experienced people in the games industry to help you create a thriving and successful game studio.

Mind Detonator offers:

  • Investment
  • Coaches active in the games industry
  • Finances/legal/sales support
  • Accommodation options
  • Office Space
  • Industry networking
  • Peace of mind

And not only this, after your first year you will also have the opportunity to stay and remain a part of the game village!


We are always looking for talented teams and engaged individuals to join our game village. So go ahead and send us an application, we will respond as soon as we are able to schedule you in for a pitch.


We will help you on your journey towards becoming a successful Game Studio!


Detonator Highlight: Gumlin Games

Welcome to the first in a series of articles where we introduce our detonators! We have so many talented teams to showcase, and the flock just keeps on growing. First up, the very first studio to join us in Game Village Jörn: Gumlin Games! Gumlin Games consists of Lukas, Pontus, Fredrik, Simon and Carl. They […]

Turborilla brings in Mind Detonator as new partner

The action sports game company Turborilla, known for one of the world’s most successful motocross gaming franchises (Mad Skills Motocross,) is aiming for the top and we at Mind Detonator will be along for the ride. Swedish game developer Turborilla AB announced today that Mind Detonator AB has completed the acquisition of 33% of the […]

Arrowhead’s founders are investing

Arrowhead’s founders are investing in new gaming companies in the countryside The founders of Arrowhead Game Studios, which was formed in 2009 in Skellefteå and is behind one of the world’s biggest international gaming successes with the game Magicka, is now investing in the company Mind Detonator in Skellefteå, whose business concept is to capture […]

Contact Us

Feel free to send us any questions or just drop us a line if there is anything else we can do for you.

You can also join the official Mind Detonator Discord server, to talk to both staff and members of studios currently with Mind Detonator!